Many industries today are changing their working and manufacturing processes, in an effort to reduce the overall amount of waste they produce and improve their carbon footprint. The UK construction industry is one of the worst offenders, using nearly 400 million tonnes of material per annum, of which 100 million tonnes ends up as waste. A staggering figure, but work is ongoing to help reduce it.

Down at the sharp end of waste collection, we at One Waste are constantly working to help our clients, both private and commercial, reduce their waste production and cost of disposal. One way of doing that is by offering a Wait and Load waste collection service, either instead of a standard builders skip, or in conjunction with. So what are the benefits of our wait and load services? 

Wait and Load waste collection services

At One Waste, we have a selection of 3.5tn to 7.5tn. Our wait and load service is ideal in domestic situations, where there is nowhere to drop a skip, or to leave one incurs extra charges such as council permits. We are pleased to offer a 30 minute waiting time, so that you can conveniently load the waste whilst we wait. 

Unless you’re increasing the size of the property, adding an extension or garage, the majority of waste is going to be reusable or recyclable. We are proud to recycle 99% of all waste collected, whether that is old grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, broken wood panel fencing and other accumulated waste from your garden, garage or loft. 

Easy to bag up and relatively easy to lift. Bags can be filled at the end of each working day, and stacked ready to be thrown on board when our wait and load vehicle arrives.

In commercial situations, such as office and shop refurbishments, where the majority of work is internal, a wait and load option may be preferable if the majority of waste is recyclable lengths of timber, wooden cabinets, plasterboard, and old wiring. 

Hiring a skip

Although town centre locations can sometimes cause delivery problems. In suburban areas, a skip can generally be dropped on the driveway or outside a property. Although by law there are certain materials and items we can no longer dispose of in a general waste skip, there are other ways we can help you dispose of it, such as our wait and load option.

Reducing the amount of waste we produce is becoming increasingly important. At One Waste, our wait and load services are an ideal option for house and garage clear outs, garden reclamation jobs, and smaller refurb projects such as kitchen or bathroom refits.

All our skips are tipped in transfer stations, where the waste is sorted by material, and divided into what can be reused, recycled, incinerated. We are proud to say that we do not send any collected waste to landfill. 

If you would like further information on how to minimise your waste production, and how we can help you dispose of your waste in the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner, please contact us.

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