If you’re new to skip hire, picking the right method of waste disposal can seem like a daunting task. Understanding key skip hire industry terms and using them to choose the best skip hire for your project can be tricky, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the construction industry. 

Here, we offer the ultimate skip hire glossary, helping you familiarise yourself with some of the most common skip hire industry terms used within the industry. 

Waste Management Terms

If you’d like to find out more about the waste management services we offer or require some extra guidance on understanding any of the skip hire industry terms features in this glossary, please do get in touch. Call us on 020 3974 2630, and speak to one of our friendly team members today. 

Bulky Waste 

Bulky waste refers to rubbish that cannot be classed as household waste. Examples of bulky waste items include baths, beds, rugs, ladders, dishwashers fridges, televisions and more. 

Caged Waste Removal Vans

Caged vans and lorries are used to transport waste to and from your construction site. A 14-yard caged van can hold up to 1.5 tons in weight and is ideal for transporting lighter, bulkier items. A 7.5-ton caged van can hold up to 18 yards of waste and is most appropriate for clearing heavy, bulky waste. 

Construction and Demolition Waste 

In regard to construction industry terms, construction and demolition waste refer to eavy materials such as wood, bricks, metal, plasterboard, rubble. We do not take hazardous waste 

It includes all waste produced by the construction and demolition of infrastructure and can be disposed of through the use of waste management solutions like the industrial skip hire we offer here at One Waste Clearance. 

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Cubic Yard 

Skips are measured in cubic yards, with our skip sizes at One Waste ranging from 4 yards all the way up to40 yards. A 4 yard skip has the capacity to hold approximately 40 bin bags of waste and is ideal for kitchen and bathroom refits as well as garden clearance projects.

 In contrast, a 40 yard  RORO skip is ideal for large volume commercial waste projects and can accommodate a vast range of materials, from wood and metal to glass and window frames. 

If you’d like to find out more about the various skip hire sizes we offer, and how to go about choosing the perfect skip for your project, get in touch with a member of our team today. 

General Waste

Please note that we do not accept hazardous waste. At One Waste Clearance, we’re pleased to offer complete, fully licenced general waste management services to our valued, loyal customers. We’re also proud to say that, when you choose us, you can rest assured that 98% of all waste will be recycled. 

Household Waste 

Household waste is categorised in skip hire industry terms as waste produced daily by a typical household. These materials include plastic, paper, glass, clothes and ceramics. 


A Mini RORO is a robust, small lorry that offers the ideal solution for projects where a skip isn’t deemed a suitable option. They can hold both large volumes and heavier weights, ideal for general mixed waste commercial refurbishments. 

RORO Skips 

Roll On Roll Off skips (RORO) are an alternative option to conventional skips. If you’re looking to dispose of large volumes of waste, RORO skips offer an efficient solution to remove the need for multiple skips and collections. 

At One Waste Clearance, we offer a variety of RORO skip sizes, with the most popular choices being 20 yard and 40 yard containers. 

Sundry Waste Collection

Sundry items refer to miscellaneous waste that does not fit in any other subcategory of waste collection such as plasterboard, mattresses and carpet waste collection.  

At One Waste Clearance, we’re pleased to offer sundry waste collection, arranged at a convenient time for you. Additional charges may apply because of increased disposal costs for certain types of sundry waste, for example, at One Waste, the collection of rubber and raised access floor tiles is charged by the ton. 

Wait and Load Service 

A Wait and Load service allows you to avoid the cost of paying for a skip permit or parking suspension, perfect for projects taking place in a city centre, where skip permits are often refused. 

If you choose us as your skip hire provider, your chosen skip hire will be delivered to you using one of our low emission lorry and you can load your waste into the skip immediately and this is then taken away all within a short time frame. 


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