How to reduce landfill waste and our recycling pledge

How to reduce landfill waste is a hot topic. In 2021, the UK government unveiled a new proposal which will see a major shake-up with regards to waste management. 

From 2023 onwards, it will become a lot easier for millions of UK households and businesses to recycle their waste. Recycling waste stops tonnes of rubbish from being sent to landfill and – by reducing waste to landfill – we are ultimately protecting the environment.

The Government’s approach to recycling

In a DEFRA consultation, the Government committed to achieving a recycling rate of 65% of municipal waste being recycled by 2035. This includes a plan on how to reduce our waste by making recycling easier, with a requirement that all local authorities and waste firms must collect plastic, paper/ card, glass, metal and food waste, as well as garden waste, from residential and commercial premises. If households and businesses are able to recycle more then this means sending less waste to landfill.

Protecting the environment by reducing waste to landfill

It is essential that we recycle as much as possible, in order to avoid sending unnecessary waste to landfill sites

Potentially recyclable waste – such as cardboard, plastic, and food – is compacted over time inside the landfill site. This material begins to break down, whereby it will release greenhouse gases, such as methane which is very much more potent compared to CO2. 

In addition, decomposition results in toxins contaminating the ground and leachate being released from the waste, into the waterways. These greenhouse gas emissions have a negative impact on the environment, in the form of air, soil and water pollution.

Recycling reduces the waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Recycled products can either be broken down and reformed or can be made into a new product that naturally wasn’t biodegradable. 

Our pledge to the environment recycling rate is Zero to Landfill

Here at One Waste, we are proud to be fully licensed by the Environment Agency as waste management providers. We have extensive waste disposal facilities in Mitcham and we continually invest in our processing facilities to ensure our customers’ waste is recycled or reused wherever possible.

Our pledge to the environment seeks to maximise recycling, therefore reducing waste to landfill. It is crucial that we recycle waste, so that it is repurposed or reused instead of being disposed of. We pride ourselves on the fact that we divert 99% of all waste from landfill. Our 99% recycling rate reflects our understanding of the issues that unethical waste management can pose. 

If you would like to read our Environmental Policy in full, please click here.

Committed to reducing waste to landfill

The bulk of the waste we process arrives at our recycling facilities without having been separated. First, it is visually inspected to ensure that the waste is as stated and it is then offloaded into our tipping hall. The waste is then separated into major waste streams by 360 large grab machinery.

The waste is further sorted, using a wide range of recycling equipment from trommels to picking belts with manual sorting.

Our experienced team then arranges it for the different waste streams and it is transferred to specialised licensed facilities for further treatment to ensure efficiency and sustainability. 

An extra 3 reasons why we should recycle waste

As discussed, recycling is a way of reducing waste to landfill and preventing harmful greenhouse emissions but it also has the following benefits: 

  1. Recycling reduces our need to extract more raw materials

Recycling recovered materials means that we need to extract less raw materials, which conserves our finite natural resources.

  1. Recycling conserves energy and resources

Extracting raw materials from the environment is not just expensive, it uses a lot of water and energy. Processing these raw materials also requires energy and water.

  1. Recycling reduces pollution

Extracting raw materials – mining, quarry, logging – can produce a lot of pollution, as can processing and manufacturing. When products are made using recovered raw materials, as opposed to raw/virgin materials, less energy tends to be used and fewer pollutants are created or released.

Choose eco-conscious One Waste Clearance

Concerned about how to reduce landfill waste? When you choose our expert waste management services, you have our assurance that your waste will be ethically and legally disposed of, and as much of it will be recycled as possible. 

We cover South West London, South East London and Surrey with a prompt, efficient and very reliable service. We work with a broad range of commercial customers, including builders and others from the construction sector, as well as domestic and residential households.

We operate two fully licensed waste transfer facilities, both located in Mitcham. Our high quality waste management services provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your waste is being taken care of in the most ethical and environmentally friendly way possible.

Our friendly team will be on hand to assist if you have any questions. We can also share our years of waste disposal experience to offer guidance on recycling, reducing waste to landfill, and the best way to deal with any waste you’re producing. Call us today on 020 8685 9393 if you would like any guidance or information on waste management.

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