As we move into the second month of the new year, if there’s one thing most of us need right now, it’s something to look forward to. While booking that much-needed two-weeks in the sun – and getting there – is still something of a lottery, how about looking a little closer to home.

Most of us, no matter how long we’ve had our house, have those pet projects that we want to get done next week, next month, or ‘sometime’. It could be adding a garage or conservatory, converting the loft, or undertaking a bathroom or kitchen makeover. With warmer weather not so far off, it could be re-landscaping the garden, adding decking and pergola, building a Koi pond, or turning the whole thing into a haven for local wildlife.

Or it could be just having a good old declutter. Getting rid of all the no longer wanted clothing, accessories, knick-knacks, gizmos, junk, broken furniture, accumulated piles of rubble, and everything else that is past its useful life, and has been thrown into the back of cupboards, garage, or garden.

Early planning pays dividends

Forget procrastination, there is never a better time than now to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, to start sketching out the steps needed to undertake the project. If you’re thinking of a number of smaller jobs, rather than one large one, forward planning is even more important.

Prioritise your project(s)

If your home improvement planning involves a number of smaller projects, then the first thing you need to do is put them in order of priority. Inside jobs like painting, decorating the lounge, or giving the bathroom/kitchen a facelift, can be undertaken any time of the year to suit yourself. Outside jobs, however, need a little more thinking about.

Cost each project individually

Home Improvement

If your project is to undertake a major declutter, it should be easy enough to plan and cost out. Planning and expense involves little more than arranging for a home renovation waste removal skip to be delivered, and loaded with all the black bags, bike frames, broken mowers and empty paint cans you’ve accumulated. Another good idea when decluttering, is to make sure the kids are at school, or spending time at their grandparent’s on the day you choose to gut their bedrooms. Failure to do so will ensure that 75% of what you’re going to throw out will be their favourite toy in the world, that they just happened to mislay.

Early planning also allows you to make enquiries regarding whether you need planning permission for what you want to undertake, the cost of an architect if required, and of materials and tradesmen. Everything needs to be considered such as do you want extra sockets fitted in the kitchen. The type of lighting in a new conservatory, or the type of taps and shower for your bathroom makeover. Once you’ve included everything you can think of, and totalled up, add 10%. There are always going to be things overlooked, like the cost of a builder’s skip to remove accumulated rubbish, rubble, and empty cement sacks at the end of the job.

Be realistic when costing your project

Depending on your level of DIY expertise, and the type of project involved, many makeover jobs can be undertaken without having to call in qualified tradesmen, which can reduce costs substantially. However, if the project is likely to affect the integrity of the building (knocking down walls), involves adding additional electrical circuits or pipework, don’t skimp on safety, call in the people that know.

You can still save money by labouring. Doing the jobs that the brickie, electrician, and plumber would have to employ a labourer for, a cost that would be passed on to you. Another point worth noting, if you live in the Greater London area, and site space is a little tight, One Waste Clearance allow all their home renovation waste removal skips a full 14 days (extendable) on site. Which means you can have a general sweep up and tidy of the site after every working day. Allowing everyone to get straight on with the job the following morning.

For more information on skip sizes, and how we can help you get rid of your unwanted waste, get in touch with us today.

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