The benefits of correct, environmentally sound waste management cannot be overstated. People the world over are becoming increasingly aware of the price we pay for incorrect waste management and policies on carbon emissions and recycling are tightening.

Most businesses generate large amounts of waste and even the tasks of business and residential upkeep in order to better the efficiency of our premises generate further waste that must be dealt with effectively.

The latest government statistics published in July 2021 reveal that the UK generated 222.2 million tons of waste in 2018 and, although recycling is on the increase, much of this still ends up in landfills.

The British government is tightening regulations aiming at 0% carbon emissions by the year 2050. With this in mind, it pays to carefully consider waste management in every aspect of our lives: from residentially generated waste to the waste created by businesses.

Although it is popularly regarded that for cheaper waste management, a good approach is to “do it yourself”, this is rarely the case.

Councils have increasingly stringent regulations on types and amounts of waste they will accept, and moving waste in itself requires certain logistics: you must have access to the right vehicles, containers and manpower… not to mention the cost of the time involved in personally arranging waste disposal.

Professional  companies offer increasingly cost-effective waste management options

Professional waste disposal companies can arrange for the correct collection, classification, and disposal of your waste, offering options tailored to your business.

Each business type generates its own specific type of waste: from catering and hospitality firms that produce large quantities of packaging and organic waste, to construction companies generating building rubble and other businesses generating paper, plastic and electronic device waste, to name but a few.

Even residential clear-outs churn out waste products including glass, plastic electronics, clothing, etc.

The most desirable option is to put all of this waste in the hands of a company that guarantees the proper classification and treatment of these products, ensuring the maximum amount is recycled.

How does waste management save time?

Waste management companies provide an array of services. Efficient waste collection begins with ensuring that each client has the correct containers for their waste to be collected.

This may seem like a detail, but it’s an important part of the process. When a waste management company hires a skip to a client, this company takes care not only of the collection of waste, but also of any issues such as sourcing permits for skip placement on roads (bay suspensions) and arranging timely collections and replacements which are compatible with the client’s needs.

The client does not need to have any further involvement in the logistical part of the process.

Correct waste management can save you money

When it comes to waste management, different companies may offer specialised services, so it’s always worth checking if there are any companies in your area that specialise in a particular type of waste that you have in abundance.

Some companies specialise in the removal of paper and card waste or organic waste, and there are strict regulations regarding the disposal of dangerous or toxic waste (products which may constitute a biohazard, paint, oil, etc).

A greater concern comes with “general waste” or “building waste” as these are broad terms that encompass products from household items to construction materials.

When dealing with these types of products, it pays to have the assurance that the contents of your skips aren’t going to end up in a landfill. 

Generally speaking, attempting to segregate different types of waste for recycling yourself would be extremely time-consuming and, therefore, costly. Leaving this work in the hands of a trusted service provider proves a far more efficient and cost-effective waste management method.

Choosing a waste management company

It’s vital to find out how your chosen waste management company will treat your waste. Some waste disposal firms will take your waste straight to landfill, with all of the environmental implications that this entails. An accredited, professional waste management company will remove your waste from your site; then move it on for further classification and recycling.

With the correct waste management, over 98% of your waste can be recycled.

When you find that either your residential project or your business may require cost-effective waste disposal and you’re contemplating hiring a skip, the waste management solution you choose will decide the impact that your waste has on the environment.

At this point, it pays to do a little research and check your company’s accreditations. As of 2014, companies that carry waste should be licensed by the Environmental Agency. Even so, some companies meet higher standards for waste disposal and recycling than others.

One Waste Clearance is a waste disposal company that not only provides skip hire and waste removal services but also provides waste classification and recycling services. One Waste Clearance is committed to waste recycling, providing manual and mechanical waste classification services and ensuring that 98% of all waste collected is recycled. 

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and impeccable care to ensure that all waste collected has the smallest possible environmental impact.If you would like to learn more about One Waste Clearance’s skip hire, waste collection and disposal service, get in touch here for more information!

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