One of the main reasons why skip hire is so popular in the UK is due to the array of skip hire sizes available. Having the option to choose from a large array of shapes and dimensions makes it easy for you to pick a suitable skip for the job at hand, from small DIY home improvements to large industrial projects. 

Skip hire sizes

At One Waste Clearance, we offer a wide range of skip hire sizes, appropriate for a selection of waste streams, from heavy waste to lighter bulky materials.

 Here, we discuss the different skip hire sizes available to you, from  4 yard skips, ideal for garden clearance projects, all the way up to 16 yard skips, ideal for large, bulky construction waste. 

4 Yard Skip Hire

One of the most common questions we get asked as a skip hire service is – what is the smallest size skip you can hire? At One Waste Clearance, the smallest size skip we offer is our 4 yard skip, perfect for disposing of general household waste. 

A 4 yard skip holds approximately 40 black bin bags of waste, making it particularly suitable for domestic projects. Our 4 yard skips are also a popular choice for worksite jobs that require a secondary skip for waste that cannot be mixed, such as plasterboard. 

6 Yard Skip Hire

Often referred to as “Builders Skips”, our 6 yard skip hire is a popular choice for building and construction projects. 

A 6 yard skip can hold a number of large and medium sized objects, from 3 piece sofas and office furniture to garden waste and soil. 

This skip can hold approximately 60 black bin bags of waste, making it ideal for larger kitchen refits, bulky items, large home improvement projects and driveway installations. 

8 Yard Skip Hire

An 8 yard skip hire is ideal for projects disposing of heavy construction waste including soil, concrete and rubble. 

Other uses of an 8 yard skip includes major renovation work like conservatory removal, kitchen and bathroom refits and general domestic projects. 

The 8 yard skip is the most common skip hire size used within the building and construction industry, perfect for larger domestic household and garden jobs. 

They can be used for light and heavy waste, holding approximately  80 black bin bags of waste. 

12 Yard Skip Hire

If you’re looking to dispose of light bulky waste, such as furniture, plastics and packaging, the 12 yard skip, also known as a “Maxi Skip”, is likely the most appropriate skip hire size for you. 

These skips are usually only used for commercial projects, however, they could also be useful for large domestic renovations. 

12 yard skips are most popular with shop fitters and strip out companies, as well as on building and manufacturing sites. These skips are not suitable for heavy loads like soil, rubble and concrete, and can usually only be used on private land. 

They can accommodate approximately 110 to 120 bin bags of waste, making them the superior choice for fitting large amounts of volume waste like metal, wood, plastics and packaging. 

 14 Yard Skip Hire

If you’re looking for the perfect skip to assist in larger projects like shop fitting and jobs requiring the disposal of larger bulky construction waste including wood, metal and plastics, our 14 yard skips are the most suitable option available to you. 

Large skips like these are not suitable for domestic projects and are most suited to clearing large commercial waste.  

14 yard skips can hold approximately 130 to 140 bin bags of waste, and are the ideal solution for commercial or construction  waste removal. 

 16 Yard Skip Hire

At One Waste Clearance, our 16 yard skips are the largest “traditional” skip size we supply. 

These skips are ideal for disposing of large quantities of lightweight, bulky waste like furniture, plastics and packaging. 

16 yard skips can accommodate approximately 150 to 160 bin bags of waste, and, because of their high sides and large volume, are the perfect addition to commercial renovations, manufacturing and construction projects. 

What Skip Size Should I Hire? 

So, you’ve got all the facts, now it’s time to decide – what size skip do I need? As you’re probably aware by now, the ideal skip hire size for you depends on the amount of waste you are looking to dispose of and the amount of space you have to store the skip. 

Skip hire services

As stated, most councils do not allow skips larger than 8 yards to be placed on a public highway, so, if you’re looking to hire a skip for a domestic project, a 4, 6 or 8 yard skip will likely be the most suitable option for you, however please ask one of our team to check your address as some councils will allow a 12 yard skip on the road with a permit
It’s hard to know exactly how much waste you’ll end up accumulating by the end of a task, so, if you’d like some extra guidance on how to choose the right skip hire for your project, call us on,020 8685 9393 and a member of our experienced team will be happy to help you pick the right skip for you!

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