If you’re undertaking a small building job, garage, or garden clearance, a standard skip will be more than adequate for your needs. It is also suitable for general builder’s rubble and waste. However, for more substantial building projects and for commercial and industrial premises, a much larger container tends to be necessary.

Large skip containers are much more suitable for the disposal of large amounts of operating and production waste. Larger containers are also frequently used by residential customers who have large items to dispose of and One Waste do skips in all sizes from 4 yard to 16 yards.

The next step up from a standard skip is a RoRo or Roll On Roll Off Skip.

What is a RoRo Skip?

RORO stands for Roll On Roll Off. This type of skip container can be filled with vast amounts of waste. They are the largest size skips available for individuals and companies to hire.

What Would You Use a Roll on Roll off Skip For?

roro skip hire

Standard-sized skips are common sights on domestic driveways. Roll-on roll-off skips, on the other hand, tend to be found on commercial or industrial sites. They are transported to the required location on the large RoRo lorry and are generally used for the disposal of large volumes or manufacturing, demolition, or construction waste.

The following types of jobs would benefit from the use of a RORO:

  • Construction waste that’s bulky and large
  • Soil and hardcore
  • Light general waste
  • Inert waste
  • Plasterboard
  • Wood

The Benefits of RoRo Skip Hire

There are a number of benefits you get to enjoy if you decide to hire a roll-on roll-off skip.

Perfect for disposing of large volumes of waste

If you know your project is going to create a large amount of waste, commercial roll-RORO skip hire would be far more suitable than a standard skip. It provides an adequate amount of space for storing waste, which means the construction site wouldn’t look cluttered because of piles of unsightly waste.

RORO skip hire is possible on a one-off basis, or you can arrange a contract with ourselves if you’re going to regularly dispose of large amounts of waste.

They are a very cost-effective method of waste management

If you produce significant levels of waste regularly, one of the most economical ways to manage it is with a RORO skip bin. To make such a service even more cost-effective you could negotiate an ongoing contract with a local company like One Waste Clearance.

Different sizes are available, depending on your needs

There’s no one size fits all solution for your RORO needs. There are several sizes to choose from, depending on your needs. We’ll look at what’s available shortly.

ROROs are available for domestic waste too

ROROs are more commonly used for waste disposal on an industrial level.

What Sizes are Available?

The most popular sizes are 40-yard and 20-yard containers. We also have 18-yard ROROs available for hire.

Finding a good skip hire company is essential. When you have a good working relationship, they’ll understand your waste requirements better and work with you to provide an optimum solution for the effective management of your waste.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable waste solution, we can provide it here at One Waste, get in touch.

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