A convenient solution: hiring a skip for garden waste 

As a leading waste disposal company, we are often asked: ‘can you hire a skip for garden waste?’. The short answer is ‘yes!’ – a skip is often the easiest and best way to dispose of garden waste. 

With glorious summer weather meaning more time spent outside, inevitably thoughts turn to the garden and a host of projects. From remodelling or landscaping to creating a decked area or patio, or upgrading a shed or greenhouse, skip hire is a great way to dispose of garden waste.

Can you put garden waste in a skip?

Hiring a skip is a great way to dispose of garden waste.  We accept all types of garden waste: 

  • Soil or turf
  • Mixed inert waste – unreactive substances that don’t decompose, such as sand, rubble or hardcore material 
  • Wood – including fence panels, sheds, or decking 
  • Plastics – broken or unwanted furniture
  • Glass 
  • Concrete – including paving slabs 
  • Bricks and blocks
  • Metals

Exceptions to this include oil and asbestos – please click to find full details on the restricted waste that we don’t accept.

Convenient disposal of sundry items

We can also dispose of a range of ‘sundry’ items or materials which may be unwanted, following a garden project. Our sundry disposal service extends to:

  • Tarmac (charged by the ton)
  • Rubber and astroturf matting (charged by the ton)
  • Plasterboard (dedicated skip required, unless it equates to less than 10% of your entire skip)

Dispose of garden waste conscientiously

Here at One Waste, we are proud to have earned a reputation as an environmentally conscious waste management company:

  • we strive to ensure maximum recycling through our sustainable waste disposal solutions
  • we work hard to hit our high recycling target. Nothing goes to landfill, we have a zero to landfill policy. 
  • we have invested in our fleet of low-emission skip lorries

While skip hire is usually the best way to dispose of garden waste in bulk, we also advocate for composting your green and household waste – this is great for returning nutrients to your soil. 

What size skip for garden clearance projects?

The size of the skip you’re hiring really depends on the scale of your garden project. We have a range of skip sizes available, suited to projects large and small:

4 Yard Skip Hire

Ideal for: smaller garden clearance projects

Holds approx. 40 black bin bags of waste

Especially useful for domestic clients, due to its convenience and affordability

8 Yard Skip Hire

Ideal for: heavy construction waste, including soil, concrete and rubble, as well as for use on larger domestic projects

Holds approx. 80 black bin bags of waste

Perfect for large domestic garden projects – can be used for light and heavy waste

12 Yard Skip Hire

Ideal for: garden shed remodelling projects

Holds approx. 110-120 black bin bags of waste

Suitable for mixed quantities of bulky waste, such as timber, light goods and smaller amounts of garden and heavy waste. Not suitable for soil or hardcore. 

RORO (Roll on, Roll off) Skip Hire

Ideal for: very large-scale remodelling or landscaping projects 

An alternative to conventional skips, RORO skips are an effective way to remove very large quantities of unwanted waste from commercial sites. 

Whatever the size of the garden project you are planning, we are sure to have a skip hire option that is suitable for your disposal requirements. If you’re still unsure, our helpful team can make recommendations on the optimum skip to meet your needs. To hire a garden waste skip, please contact us today!

How to hire a skip to dispose of garden waste

With us, garden waste skip hire is really easy and affordable. Our standard charge includes two weeks’ skip hire but if you require longer, please call us and we can look at  extending the hire period.

We offer competitive skip hire prices and go out of our way to ensure our customers benefit from convenient and efficient waste removal services. 

We can also exchange a skip with a new one, if you have a bigger project, and we can also do next day exchanges. We can even coordinate licensing – including public highway permits or bay suspensions – on your behalf. 

Filling your garden waste skip

To make the best use of your skip, you should:

  • Plan before you start loading – start with easily compressed waste, so that heavier waste will push it down, otherwise you may not utilise space efficiently. 
  • Don’t be tempted to overfill – we provide clear guides of where you can fill to – if you exceed these limits, you may face extra charges. 
  • Place the skip close to your waste/access – if possible, try to locate the skip in an area that is close to where the main bulk of your waste is. 

Choose One Waste for garden waste skip hire

As well as being the best way to dispose of garden waste, skip hire is also ideal for all types of domestic waste and general household items. We also process a range of waste generated by commercial and construction projects, as long as it’s non-hazardous. 

Fully licenced by the Environment Agency, we offer a range of waste management solutions across South West London, South East London, and Surrey. Please call us on 020 3974 2630 or get in touch today. 

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