5 Ways to Reduce Office Waste

Posted on December 23, 2015 by One Waste Team

Reducing the output of office waste in your company is an important priority for any business owner, with a bigger focus on sustainable companies with a small carbon footprint being key. With just a few changes, any office can significantly reduce the amount of waste they have – here at One Waste Clearance, we’ve listed our top 5 tips on reducing office waste below.

1. Go Digital

With so many companies operating online these days, the need for paper has significantly reduced. Taking your office completely digital will dramatically reduce the amount of waste produced by the company, as unnecessary printing will be eliminated. Instead of printing employee contracts, meeting agendas or documents to send clients, utilize the powers of the internet instead and email any documents to those concerned for a far more efficient and eco-friendly option.

2. Reduce printing

Of course, for some companies, going completely digital is near impossible. However, you can still make great steps toward reducing printing and thus reducing your overall waste output as a company. Encourage staff to print documents double-sided, and only in black and white. Many companies also put up signs around the printer advising staff of what is suitable to print, and what could probably be emailed instead.

3. Recycling Stations

It can be surprising to discover how much of your waste can actually be recycled and reused when separated correctly. The easiest way of encouraging staff within the office to recycle is to provide conveniently placed recycling stations next to the general waste bin. Offer staff some training on what items go in what bin to ensure the correct items are being recycled; this change will ensure your general waste output is significantly reduced.

4. Use reusable plates and cutlery

Many larger companies with canteens or kitchens opt to use paper plates and plastic cutlery for added convenience, however these items build up to a large percentage of your waste output. Using reusable kitchen ware such as washable dishes and silverware is a far more economical option for any business, keeping plastic and paper plates out of the landfills.

In the same theme, encouraging employees to have their own mug rather than to get disposable cups is a great way of reducing waste in the office.

5. Buy in bulk

Buying items such as coffee, tea and sugar, as well as any office-based supplies in bulk will greatly reduced packaging waste, and save you money at the same time. You could also look to purchase products from companies offering sustainable packing materials to even further reduce your carbon footprint as a company.

Here at One Waste Clearance, we follow an ethical approach to waste clearance, aiming to recycle 100% of all waste collected and minimising the amount that goes in landfill sites.

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