How Waste Clearance Can Improve Your Business

Posted on November 23, 2015 by One Waste Clearance

An estimated 400 million tonnes of waste is produced annually by the UK alone, and with that equating to approximately 4.3 pounds per person per day, everyone needs to do their part to reduce their waste output.

For a business, waste output can be unnecessarily high due to neglected processes and untrained staff. Whilst reducing waste output completely is an extremely difficult task, waste clearance is possible with just a few alterations, and will not only benefit the environment, but can improve your business, too.

We’ve outlined how you can manage your waste output, and the benefits this will have on your business, below.

How to manage waste:

Waste audits

Waste audits will allow you to compile information on how much waste your business produces, and from what sectors. This will allow you to go through your results and identify where waste is unnecessarily high, and where better methods can be put in place to reduce output.

Waste management training for staff

Training staff in waste management will see an inevitable decrease in the amount of waste your business produces. Often, a percentage of waste is there simply because people are not trained on what the correct processes are regarding recycling, or reusing certain items. Outline your waste management plan clearly to staff, and ensure everyone knows the correct processes regarding paper, recycling and even food waste.


Set out clear guidelines for the business’s strategy on dealing with waste. Set out recycling bins next to the general waste bins, cut down paper waste by going mostly digital, and cut down on unnecessary packaging where possible. Keep the plan fluid for potential changes within the business, and carry out regular audits to identify any areas that could be improved.

The Benefits:

Cost savings

By creating a strategy to manage your waste output, it’s likely you will cut down on supplies such as packaging and paper. The money normally spent on these resources will stay within the business, allowing you to see massive savings with a waste clearance plan.

Eco-friendly office

Introducing methods to reduce waste output will result in an eco-friendly office, with less natural resources used to dispose of waste. By managing your businesses waste output, it will have a lower carbon footprint and contribute towards a reduced total waste output for the UK.

An improved ‘green’ image for customers

Everyone is conscious of being more environmentally friendly now, and choosing green-fingered companies is a priority for many customers. By introducing waste clearance to your business structure, you will have another positive indicator to impress customers and boost sales and reputation.

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