What Items Can You Put in a Skip?

Whether you are performing some much-needed renovations around the home or you are moving to a different property in the near future, employing the expertise of a skip hire service is an excellent way to remove waste. One Waste Skip Hire has been providing quality services to a growing number of customers for over six years and we offer skips that range in size from four yards to 40 yards. However, can you put anything in a skip? Let's take a look at what you can put in a skip as well as some products that must be disposed up separately.

What Can You Put in a Skip?

One of the reasons why skips are such a popular disposal method involves their rather universal nature. Not only can you choose from various sizes, but the majority of common household and construction items can be safely removed. Common examples include wood, metals, garden waste and fabrics (such as carpets or drapes). Glass is likewise allowed. Of course, please keep in mind that overloading these skips can present a hazard to the public. This is always why it is wise to seek the advice of a professional when determining which size is the most appropriate for your needs. Now, let's take a look at what materials are not allowed to be included.

What Can You Not Put in a Skip?

Electrical Appliances

It is not permitted to place any electrical appliances within a skip. As some of these might contain hazardous materials, they must be disposed of with the help of your locally approved recycling facility. To determine the closest plant to your location, please refer to the information found here


Whether referring to car batteries or even those associated with the common mobile phone, skips are not permitted to be used. These units are known to contain dangerous materials such as lead and even mercury. As a result, they can present a hazard to the environment as well as to those who might be handling the waste.


We are all aware that asbestos is a dangerous substance; particularly if it becomes airborne. Anyone who suspects that they might possess materials which contain asbestos should instead seek the help of a professional asbestos removal specialist.

Gas Cylinders

Any cylinder which contains (or contained) pressurised gas should never be put into a skip. These can be extremely dangerous in the event that they leak or otherwise become accidentally punctured. The good news is that the majority of companies which supply these cylinders will be happy to pick them up at no extra charge.

Medical Waste

Any type of medical waste can be hazardous to humans and the environment. Infection and contamination are two very real concerns. If you have any medical waste or if you suspect that containers might be associated with this category, you should immediately speak with a representative from the Department of Health for further advice.

Solvents, Liquids and Fuels

Solvents, liquids and fuels are just as dangerous as medical waste. Some might spontaneously combust while others could cause harm to the employees of the skip hire service. Please note that this includes items such as fluorescent lights and sodium lamps. Licensed disposal experts should once again be contacted.


While not immediately hazardous, tyres must be disposed of separately. There are numerous recycling centres which will be happy to pick up any old tyres that may be found around your property.


When asking the question "what can I not put in a skip?", you might be surprised to learn that plasterboard is prohibited. These materials as well as associated gypsum waste will normally be recycled separately. However, there can be times when plasterboard is allowed if it is the only substance within the container.

So, it is clear to see that there is much more than meets the eye in regards to what can be placed into a skip. Anyone who has additional questions or requires further advice should contact One Waste skip Hire at their convenience. We are more than happy to provide extra guidance and suggestions.

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