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How To Stop Fly Tipping And It's Negative Environmental Impact

Otherwise known as illegal dumping, fly tipping is the act of using improper methods to dispose of waste. This is often the result of consumers (or even companies) not willing embrace the proper disposal methods due to time and cost concerns. Unfortunately, fly tipping has become a very real problem throughout the United Kingdom. In order to understand how to stop fly tipping and how litter affects the environment, it is necessary to review some rather stark statistics. We can then begin to examine why professional skip hire services are much more viable options.

Fly Tipping in the United Kingdom: A Growing Concern

Most households in the United Kingdom are allowed to legally dispose of 0.2 cubic metres of recyclable waste per week. This figure is also applicable to non-recyclable products. This presents presents somewhat of a problem. Excess waste such as sofas, construction materials or simple refuse must then be taken to a local landfill at the expense of the owner for proper disposal. Many individuals believe that they do not possess the time to do so. Other simply cannot be bothered. This "out-of-sight, out-of-mind" mentality can lead to grave consequences over time.

Data obtained as far back as 2012 has shown that there were no fewer than 8,708 fly tipping incidents in Southampton alone (1). To put this figure into perspective, the United Kingdom registered approximately 820,000 examples of fly tipping during this same time period. These numbers have likely risen, so environmental concerns are certainly warranted.

We should also mention that illegal fly tipping costs the taxpayer a great deal of money. A study conducted between 2016 and 2017 found that cleaning up such areas resulted in £58 million pounds worth of charges (2). Of course, these will then be passed on to individuals and families in the long run. This is also the reason why the Environmental Agency is contemplating heavy fines for those who are found to be practising such methods.

How To Stop Fly Tipping

The Very Real Environmental Consequences of Fly Tipping

The local wildlife will often gravely suffer as a result of fly tipping. If this rubbish contains any toxic chemicals, they can leach into the nearby soil. However, one lesser-known consequence involves disease transmission. Animals which eat any litter are more likely to multiply; causing infestations and pest control problems (3). The location of the illegal disposal site should also be taken into account. Many individuals choose remote spots which are not likely to be seen by the public. Unfortunately, these often include areas such as river banks. Rubbish can easily enter the water supply and harm aquatic life. It could also impact human swimmers. Finally, large amounts of waste can cause blockages within drains and runoff canals. This will increase the chances of a flood during torrential rainstorms.

The other side of the proverbial coin involves potentially deadly substances such as mercury, lead and arsenic. These chemicals are not easily broken down by the environment and they will remain toxic for decades. If they happen to enter into the local aquifer, the negative consequences are altogether obvious. These occurrences are growing concerns due to the presence of electronic devices such as old television sets and mobile phones within household rubbish. Thankfully, there is an economical and convenient alternative to these environmental problems.

Fly Tipping Penalties

How to Stop Fly Tipping with High-Value Skip Hire Services

It can be argued that professional skip hire firms such as One Waste Skip Hire are the most effective methods to protect the environment while properly dealing with large amounts of waste. Our company firmly believes that recycling should take place whenever possible and we are focused on providing a healthy world for future generations. We should also mention that this is a cost-effective option which can be applied to any location. Our organisation offers skips in various sizes, so you will be able to address smaller household projects alongside major renovations or even debris associated with a construction site.
We are all aware of how litter affects the environment. Our skip hire services are here to help. Please contact a representative in order to learn more about your options.


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