If you’re planning a construction or home improvement project, hiring a skip is the best thing to do with all the waste you create. A skip also comes in handy when you’re landscaping or clearing out a property.

When you contact a skip hire company, one of the things you’ll be asked is what types of waste are there? In other words, what types of waste are you using the skip for? A critical part of the waste disposal process is ensuring the right waste ends up in the correct place. Classifying the different types of waste is therefore crucial.

Waster types

How do you know what type of waste you’re going to create? Classifying the different types of waste is easier than you think. It doesn’t mean you have to pick through every little piece of it. Don’t worry you’re not going to be asked to do that by any waste disposal company.

The question is asked because it’s more about getting an idea of what you plan to put in your skip. If you hire your skip from us here at One Waste Clearance, knowing what’s in your skip will help us process it correctly. We’ll already have a pretty good idea, but letting us know exactly what we’re going to collect means the process will be quick and speedy.

What Are the Different Types of Waste?

There are no clear categories, as there tends to be a certain amount of crossover between the different types. However, knowing the main types will help.

Household Waste

This category includes the type of waste a typical household produces. It covers the type of things we all discard every day. Plastic, paper, glass, ceramics, textiles or old clothes and polythene all come under the title of domestic waste.

Construction Waste

This category is made up of material such as green garden waste, bricks, blocks, rubble, windows, wood, fencing, plastic pipes, kitchens, bathrooms and plasterboard etc, all of which we readily service and accept.

Commercial Waste

If you run a business or commercial enterprise, the waste you produce is classified under the heading commercial waste. Some of the items will be similar to domestic waste, but the fact that it’s been created by a business makes it commercial waste. Some of the things that might be found include packing materials, printer cartridges, polythene, printer paper, plastics, broken or damaged products.

Do I Need a Skip?

Absolutely you do because then you can be confident your waste is being disposed of in the best way possible. If it’s domestic waste you want to dispose of, there should be no problems.

If you’re unsure about any of the waste you want to put in a skip, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask for some advice. We are a high-quality waste removal provider and have many years of experience providing skip hire and waste removal services. Contact us today to hire your skip.

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