How long you can keep a Skip for?

When booking a skip with One Waste either through the office or online it is understandable that you will want to know how long you can keep a skip for.

Our standing booking period is for 2 weeks; however, we try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate all of our customers’ needs where we can so if you need to keep your skip longer please let us know.

With our skip hires most of our residential customers tend to keep a skip for up to the two weeks whilst many builders and construction companies change their skips more regularly.

We have additional options with a skip hire that suit some customers and these include:

Delivering a skip on a Friday morning and collecting it on a Monday so you can carry out your project over a weekend and free up your drive

We can deliver a skip in the morning any week day and collect it again in the afternoon on the same day

We also provide a wait and load skip service where we wait for 30 minutes to allow you to fill the skip – useful if you need a permit.

On the subject of road permits if you need to have your skip placed on a road, we will deal with the local council permitting department on your behalf and organise your permit (this includes managing bay suspensions if needed).

The only time we will automatically collect a skip is when a skip permit is in place and we have to collect the skip on the final date of the permit (permits can always be extended) because if a skip is left on the public highway after that date we can be fined by the borough and such fines can be sizeable.

We can also deliver skips on a Saturday morning.

Please feel free to call One Waste and speak to one of our helpful operations team members if you have any questions or need to book a skip.

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