Although the concept of skip hire requires little introduction (most people are familiar with skips and their purpose), the benefits are often overlooked by many people who could benefit from it.

Large companies, construction firms and small contractors generally understand and use skip hire services for waste management, yet frequently individuals undertaking DIY home improvement or decluttering tasks fail to take this service into account and often add unnecessary extra work and expense to their projects.

For this reason, and in order to clarify the benefits of skip hire, let’s have a look at how skip hire works and how your project could benefit from it.

how does skip hire work

Safely storing your waste

The primary purpose of a skip is to offer one large safe container for storing waste and rubble and keeping it out of the way and ready for removal. 

For non-professionals undertaking clearance or refurbishment projects, it can be hard to imagine just how much waste can be generated by this type of project. 

It’s not hard to get a mental picture of the space you need for transporting and storing newly purchased building materials, yet most of us have difficulty calculating how much space these same materials take up when they’re removed from their location: a door hanging in its rightful place doesn’t seem to take up any room at all.

All too often this reality hits when work commences and rubble and debris starts piling up, cluttering the work space or access areas and forcing frequent and inconvenient trips to the tip with van loads of materials.

This can be avoided by speaking to us about your project. One Waste can estimate the waste you will generate by analysing the details of your project and recommend the correct container size for your project, providing one convenient place to collect all your debris.

This will also involve informing you of any permits that you may require if the skip has to be placed on public land or roads.

One Waste will arrange a time and place with you for your skip to be delivered, then arrange the necessary permits with your local Council.

Promptly removing your waste

Skip hire companies are on hand to remove your waste when your project has been completed or when your skip is full. Should you find that part of the way through your project, your skip is full, simply contact One Waste and we will be happy to arrange the collection and removal of your waste and provide another skip if necessary. None of your own valuable time needs to be taken up by taking trips to your local tip to dispose of waste.

Correctly disposing of your waste

It is important to note that not all skip hire firms provide comprehensive waste management services, and there is a very important differentiation: Whilst some skip hire companies do provide waste management, some will merely provide the minimum legally necessary sorting. Professional waste management firms do a lot more than just drive your waste to the tip. Removing your waste from the site is just the beginning.

Professional waste management firms will move your waste to a centre for sorting and recycling: This is where the real value of the service lies.

At a recycling centre your waste will be manually and/or mechanically sorted and as much as possible will be repurposed or recycled. It’s also worth noting that, depending on the type of waste you are generating, One Waste may be able to offer you alternative services. For large amounts of paper, cardboard and other lightweight materials, caged vans may provide a more convenient solution than skips, so be sure to inform us of the type of waste you will be generating and let them propose solutions.

2021 statistics from the Environment Agency reveal that 62% of overall waste generated in the UK in 2016 was generated by the construction and demolition sector and equated to 66.2 million tonnes. Although Duty of Care regulations provide strict guidelines for waste disposal, not all companies offer a comprehensive waste management service that includes careful sorting and recycling. With these comprehensive waste management services as much as 98% of your waste can be recovered and recycled, minimising the environmental impact of your projects.

Contact trusted professionals

If you’re interested in skip hire and comprehensive waste management for your projects, get in touch with One Waste Clearance today. 

ONE WASTE clearance provides a competitive and efficient waste management service which includes skip hire, ‘Roll on Roll off’ larger skip hire containers as well as caged vans and caged lorries.

ONE WASTE is fully licenced by the Environment Agency (EA) and offers a range of waste management services covering South West London, South East London and Surrey. Get in touch today for more information!

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