If you’re wondering how to dispose of any bulky items you own, our team are here to help.  One Waste are committed to helping the process of bulky waste removal simple for our customers. It is important to dispose of your waste correctly, not only so as to adhere to government guidelines but because of the environmental hazards of incorrectly disposed waste. Fly-tipping, the act of discarding waste in public places such as roads, is becoming a never-ending problem. In fact, during the period of 2019/2020 local authorities in England dealt with just under 1 million fly-tipping incidents. The majority of these incidents were bulky items such as fridges, washing machines, and sofas. 

Bulky Items

One of the common causes of fly-tipping is that people will turn to extremely low-cost ‘waste removal’ companies, without fully investigating who they’re hiring. This usually means an unlicensed waste carrier will accept a sum of cash to pick up the item, but instead of disposing of it properly, they will simply dump it in a public space. What many people fail to realise is that the responsibility of disposing of the waste correctly still lies with you, the owner of the item, not the unreliable third party you’ve hired. 

We are proud to be a fully registered and licensed waste removal company that is dedicated to recycling waste wherever possible to avoid it ending up in landfill. Our recycle rate is 99%! 

Why is it important to follow procedures for the removal of waste?

With many councils setting up teams specifically to deal with the problem of fly-tippers, penalties now include prison time for the tippers, and hefty fines for those who use them. 

 At One Waste, since our creation in 2010, we have worked closely with both construction companies and private individuals to dispose of their waste and reduce their carbon footprint. In this blog, we take a look at how you should dispose of bulky items with One Waste.

What counts as bulky waste? 

Bulky waste can include the following items: 

  • Furniture such as sofas, tables, mattresses and wardrobes.
  • Large appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and TV’s. 
  • Plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, toilets and sinks.
  • Commercial office furniture such as desks, filing cabinets etc.

How to dispose of domestic and commercial bulky items? 

Regardless of whether you are a homeowner looking to get rid of a mattress or a business manager that is looking to dispose of office furniture, we’re here to help. 

Before disposing of any unwanted bulky items such as furniture, we would always recommend asking your friends, family or local marketplace groups whether they could make use of them. What’s old and unwanted to you may well be useful for somebody else and it’s always better to try and salvage items where possible.  

But if your item really does need to be collected by a waste removal company, then our team are here to help. We’re on hand to provide you with the advice and guidance needed to ensure that you are getting the right waste removal service for your needs. Our friendly and professional waste disposal managers are highly knowledgeable and will ensure that your waste is collected promptly without delays. 

Our Waste Removal Services

While we may be renowned for our skip hire service, this is not your only option when it comes to disposing of large items. In fact, if it’s just one or two bulky items that require collection, our man and van service could be ideal. We can also provide wait and load vehicles so that large amounts of unsightly waste can be collected and removed immediately, without the need for a skip on site permanently. This is ideal as it removes the need for skip licenses and is particularly useful in tight spaces. Once removed our team will then sort through the bulky items to retrieve any materials that can be recycled to avoid any unwanted waste ending up in landfill. 

If you are looking for help with any of your waste removal requirements, our team are here to help. Give us a call for a transparent and comprehensive quote to dispose of your waste legally and cost-effectively.

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