Only last year, the UK government announced a target with regards to the recycling of waste. By 2035, the goal is to recycle 65% of municipal waste. In addition, there is also the aim that no more than 10% goes to landfills.

How can you and your business help the government achieve these targets? By choosing to adopt a sustainable waste management strategy.

eco-friendly waste management

What is Sustainable Waste Management?

Sustainable or eco-friendly waste management follows two previous waste management strategies: the introduction of collections and then waste hierarchy. It was soon realised that the first strategy was unsustainable. The second strategy, based on economics as it was, saw waste being shipped overseas. It’s now being refused by these countries, which makes this solution untenable.

Now in the UK things have moved on again and it’s been decided that waste has to be dealt with at source.

This third waste management strategy requires an environmental waste management company to commit to sending zero waste to landfills, focus more on the recovery of resources, and provide solutions that are sound and ecological.

Here at One Waste Management, we are fully committed to providing eco-friendly waste disposal solutions for our business and private customers.

In the UK, waste produced by businesses has to be disposed of using a legally compliant environmental waste management company. Different regulations are in place regarding the collection and safe disposal of waste.

Why is it Important?

It is becoming more and more important for businesses to be more responsible, especially with regards to the disposal of waste, emissions, and other factors that impact the environment. It’s also becoming increasingly critical for companies to be transparent and act on sustainability.

It’s no longer good enough for businesses to have good intentions and talk about what they want to do. Now, action is far more crucial than words.

Another reason for companies to make an effort to embrace eco-friendly waste management habits is that evidence is now showing that on average, they will perform better than those without an eco-friendly waste disposal programme.

What Does Sustainable Waste Management Involve?

Sustainable waste management involves the collection, sorting, treatment, and recycling. When properly facilitated it provides a source of resources and energy. It also creates jobs, improves methods, and lessens the impact we have on the environment. The ultimate end result is an improvement in water and air quality, and environmental costs, and overall improves human life.

Why You Should Adopt Sustainable Waste Disposal

You’re probably already very aware that poor waste disposal methods have a very significant effect on the environment, particularly, the waste that ends up in landfills. According to government figures in 2019, almost a fifth of all waste in England is generated by businesses.

If this waste is not dealt with sustainably, it puts habitats at risk and increases climate change. However, it’s not just landfill waste that is the problem. Materials produced by businesses are also damaging the environment.

For your business to be sustainable you have to look for ways to reduce energy consumption and levels of waste as much as possible.

Sustainability is important because it:

– Conserves the planet’s finite resources

– Recycling materials saves energy and cuts carbon emissions

– Your customers will value your brand more

– Corporate social responsibility is expected by consumers

– You’ll save money because you’re reducing energy consumption

What You Can Do to Improve Your Businesses Sustainability

There are actually lots you can do, whether you operate a small, medium, or large business. They include:

– Waste reduction: For example, opt for paperless billing, reduce packaging

– Commercial waste collection: It will give you peace of mind knowing your waste is being disposed of responsibly

– Recycle: Before throwing anything away, think about whether you can resume it or make sure it’s recycled

– Reduce energy: Adopt energy-saving procedures such as switching off lights and computers

– Set sustainability goals: You’ll be able to monitor how far you’ve come

– Collaborate with others: Encourage your supply chain to be more sustainable

The Benefits of Sustainable Waste Disposal for Your Business

Disposing of business waste sustainably is very time-consuming, but it’s not something you have to do on your own.

Choose One Waste Clearance and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your waste is being managed in an eco-friendly way. You won’t need to look for ways to dispose of or recycle your commercial waste because we’ll take care of it for you. At One Waste we recycle or recover over 99% of all the waste we collect. 

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